2016年8月数娱科技全感™力反馈背心(INAVR™ Vest)正式面世,成为全球首款量产并且能接入VR应用的力反馈背心。INAVR™ Vest得到了行业的密切关注和高度评价。

近日,全球最大的VR垂直媒体VRFocus对触觉交互硬件设备——INAVR™ Vest进行了报道。



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D&E Tech Announces INAVR Haptic Vest Developed In Partnership With Intel





文 |  VRFocus


Making you feel like you’re truly inside videogame worlds is a core requisite of virtual reality (VR) technology. There are various peripherals on the market or being developed that aim to help in this endeavour, from data gloves, and omni-directional treadmills, to haptic vests. Today Chinese company D&E Tech has announced the INAVR Vest, which began development in 2015 in partnership with Intel.


使你在游戏世界中具备真实感是虚拟现实(VR)技术的核心需求之一。目前市面上或正在研发的各种外围设备,比如数据手套、万向行动平台和力反馈背心,都在往这一方向努力。现在,中国的数娱科技公司已经发售了INAVR™ Vest,一款于2015年与英特尔开始联合研发的力反馈背心。

Designed for VR and augmented reality (AR) gaming, the INAVR Vest is powered by Intel’s button-sized neural network system-on-chip Curie module, featuring 2 chest haptic units, 2 abdomen units, 2 waist units and 2 shoulder units, delivering various levels and patterns of haptic feedback.


INAVR™ Vest专为VR和增强现实(AR)游戏而设计,采用英特尔纽扣大小的神经网络系统芯片Curie模块,拥有2个胸部触觉单元,2个腹部单元,2个腰部单元和2个肩部单元,提供多种级别和模式的触觉反馈。



Haptic vests allow users to feel various forms of in-game occurrences, such as gunshots, punches, swordfights and explosions.




The INAVR Vest can also be used for cinematic experiences, allowing users to feel the impacts from explosions and fighting scenes. In order to offer more accessible video content, D&E Tech has teamed up with China’s biggest video platform Youku since 2016.


INAVR™ Vest还可以应用在电影领域,让用户感受到爆炸和战斗的场景。为了给用户提供更多可访问的视频内容,2016年数娱科技与中国最大的视频平台优酷开始合作。

“Haptic vest is the next generation of wearable human-computer interaction technology, provide the sense of tactile interaction. INAVR Vest is the world’s first mass production of wearable haptic vest products, offer non-audio-visual human-computer interaction in immersive VR environment, compatible with both PC VR and Mobile VR. INAVR Vest is dedicated to complete the VR sensory experience.” Said Alpha Lam, CEO of D&E Tech.


数娱科技首席执行官林云帆说:“力反馈背心是下一代可穿戴式人机交互技术,实现了触感交互。INAVR™ Vest是全球首款量产的可穿戴式力反馈背心产品,在沉浸式VR环境中提供非视听的人机交互,并同时兼容PC端 VR和移动端 VR。INAVR™ Vest致力于带来完整的VR的感官体验。”

For VR titles D&E Tech has teamed up with a variety of developers including Tencent, ActGame, Zenz VR, and Darklord to deliver high-level videogame experiences. Compatible VR experiences so far include:

·         HordeZ – Zenz VR

·         Reborn – ActGame

·         Pixel Gear – ActGame

·         Ni Zhan – Tencent (Available Soon)

·         Raw Data – Survios (Available Soon)

·         New Year’s Eve – Viva Games

·         Reboant – Darklord (Available Soon)

·         Shura Anger – D&E Tech

·         Phantom Warfare – VRDreams

·         Fire Fire! – VRDreams


数娱科技与各大VR内容开发商合作,包括腾讯,ActGame,Zenz VR和Darklord,为用户提供高水平的游戏体验。迄今为止兼容的VR内容包括:

·         HordeZ - Zenz VR

·         重生 - 神武互动

·         像素大作战 - 神武互动

·         逆战 - 腾讯 (即将推出)

·         原始数据 -  Survios (即将推出)

·         除夕 - 万岁游戏

·         Reboant - 黑将科技 (即将推出)

·         修罗之怒 - 数娱科技

·         幻影战场 - 虚实梦境科技

·         全面开火 - 虚实梦境科技

INAVR Vest Specs are:

Sensor: 6-Axis (Accelerometer, Gyrometer)

Connectivity: Bluetooth, MicroUSB

Battery: 1,300mAh Li-ion, 3 hours of battery life.

Weight: 1000g


INAVR™ Vest 产品参数:






INAVR Vest is currently commercially available in China for $350 USD. VRFocus has contacted D&E Tech to confirm if the device will make it to other territories, and will update this article accordingly.


INAVR™ Vest目前在中国市场上售价2488元(约为350美元)。VRFocus正在向数娱科技确认该背心是否会在中国以外的其他地区上市,若有新的消息我们会更新此文章。