D&E Tech was founded in 2012, is committed to the world's leading interactive technology, applied to innovative digital entertainment products. With a full range of hardware and software technology platform, new business model,  we format the flow line entrance platform the rapidly , and reached a depth of cooperation with Intel, Ali, Tencent, Lenovo, Alpha entertainment, Wanda and other famous enterprises.

D&E Tech combine intelligent life with entertainment perfectly , innovative business model, firstly proposed the "intelligent life and IP image operator" strategic concept in the industry ,bring a new cultural entertainment experience to the comsumers.


D&E is one of the earliest Realsense developers all over the world, and also the Intel Realsense ambassador.

In 2012, started a deep cooperation with Intel, and joined efforts in exploring Realsense application content and created different solutions.

In 2013, agreed to a strategic partnership with Lenovo,  explored the brand new VR/AR application for next generation of home interactive entertainment product.

In 2014, cooperated with Wechat, took the lead in realizing wechat payment accessing entertainment hardware.

In 2015, being a partner with Alpha Animation, created a new channel between animation IP and Realsense application, triggered a revolution for perceptual preschool gaming.

In 2016, founded Guangdong Briain Science Experiment Creative Coalition with medical services and colleges.

In 2016, cooperated with the Wanda cinema to promote the body sense and virtual reality entertainment products in more than more than 300 cinemas in China.

In 2017,reached an exclusive cooperation with Youku VR about the INAVRTM Vest products by carrying out a professional channel to promote the full sense film.

In 2017 cooperated with Xiaomi smart shoes, with an AR virtual test shoes system, it realize the function of the shoe code measurement firstly in the world.


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